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Free Consultation!

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LP Siding is engineered to last and to provide the curb appeal you desire.  LP Siding is a great alternative to wood siding.  Wood siding is vulnerable to outdoor pests and moisture from wet weather.  LP Siding provides the visual appeal of wood while eliminating the drawbacks.  

LP is an engineered wood product with each board going through multiple treatments and coatings for stability, durability and protection against wind, hail, fungus, moisture & pests.  One of those treatments is with zinc borate to defend against rot and termites.  This product is also resists denting, cracking & splitting.

LP Siding creates the appearance of natural wood and is available in smooth or cedar-grain texture.

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Blue Nail Roofing is a Master Elite contractor bestowed by the largest roofing manufacturer in North America GAF. Only 2% of contractors in our country meet the rigorous standards to achieve this status which means you can rest assured you are making a smart choice when you select the professionals at Blue Nail to execute your home and business restoration repairs. Call today to schedule a professional evaluation!